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Two and half months have passed since the “Pokémon GO” was released and it seems that some players are already figuring out how to spawn the Mewtwo, a Legendary Pokémon.

First of all, you should know that there are some ways to attempt to spawn the Mewtwo Pokémon, but there is a very low chance that you will succeed.

Pokemon Go, Mewtwo

In concordance with Otaku Art, finding Mewtwo is a really hard task. It seems that there is a theory which says that for a Pokémon trainer to spawn Mewtwo, (s)he must have collected all the 150 Pokémon first. Once the trainer catches all the 150 Pokémon, he will have a chance to find the Legendary Pokémon and capture it by defeating it in a battle.

It seems that sometimes Mewtwo is visiting a random Pokémon Gym and challenges the owners to a fight. However, the gym owners will need to be prepared in order to have a chance on winning this fight.

However, if you win the fight against Mewtwo, you will be able to catch it and get it in your Pokémon inventory.

There are also reports which are suggesting that Mewtwo is actually appearing only during a public event. According to iTech Post, there is a high possibility that the Mewtwo will appear when there is a public event and there are lots of players around.

It is good to know that Niantic Labs have already teased the appearance of Mewtwo in “Pokémon Go” trailer. It seems that the players get first alerted and after just ten seconds Mewtwo spawns and the trainers will have a chance to challenge it in a battle (if they find it).

pokemon-go-large (1)

Unfortunately, the public battle event has not been yet implemented in “Pokémon Go”, so we’re not sure when this will happen.

In other words, there are very low chances that you will be able to challenge Mewtwo during a public event and instead the idea with the gym fight is more credible.

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