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If there is one thing Pokémon Go has succeeded to do that no other gaming apps have done before, that would be getting people out and about. Gamers all around the world who would otherwise have stayed in one location while playing are walking for hours on end, searching for a pocket monster.

There’s one problem though, finding a legendary critter just seems impossible.

Pokemon Go, Mewtwo

So what’s the trick to catching a rare Pokémon? And where can you find them?

Mind your location

Basically, your location is an important factor in which a legendary Pokémon will appear. Searching in large urban areas will yield certain results, particularly in smaller areas within them (such as a river) will hold rare Pokémon such as Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Ditto, too.

Here’s some info that you might find useful though, one Reddit user has discovered that the areas highlighted in Niantic’s last game, Ingress, as having high cell activity are also the areas where you can find legendary and powerful Pokémon. Try checking it out and see for yourself.

Pay attention to the details

Here’s the thing, rare Pokémon are subjective. If you live in an area that’s brimming with Bellsprouts for instance, you might get a hint for a Zubat’s location. Usually, a Pokémon’s appearance is based on time of day, environment, and as mentioned earlier areas of high cell usage by Ingress app.

So, get those bum off the couch and start searching. You might want to use Lure Modues and Incense; they can make a large variety of Pokémon to appear. Using Razz Berries would be a good idea too; they can help you find those hard-to-get pocket monsters.

pokemon-go-pikachu-mewtwo (1)

And as you explore your neighborhood, make sure to keep an eye on the bar at the bottom right corner of your screen. The silhouettes indicate that there is a Pokémon nearby.

Now, for a little motivation, check out what legendary Pokémon are coming to the game very soon.