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WhatsApp, the cross-platform messenger app has become one of the most popular ways to get connected to people from all over the world via the internet.  It can be downloaded and installed by users of iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows phones. All over the world, the number of people using this instant messaging app has exceeded its one billion mark.

And since technology is dynamic and developers are thinking of ways to improve user experience, updates are significant. Not only do these improvements let the users maximize the use of their phones but also, these changes minimize glitches in the system.  Recently, some updates have come up for Android phones.

Although there are also updates for Windows phones and iPhones, latest WhatsApp updates for Android phones get more attention since there are many Android-phone users worldwide.

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Moreover, since WhatsApp is already owned by Facebook, it is not surprising if updates are more frequent than it used to be. These updates have been coming up over the past months and one was again introduced a few weeks ago.

Beta Version Updates

Users of WhatsApp woke up to some developments on the app with the update on the beta version of the messaging app. Aside from this, Facebook has also introduced new features such as gesture and image drawing.  The beta version has been updated to v2.16.274 and along with it, came widgets. They have added iOS 10 emojis that will run on Android. These emojis appear 3D-like and there is even a choice of the type of gender the user prefers to use such as male and female police, new family emojis, in a bid to show gender equality. This is on top of the WhatsApp update on Android cameras that let the user enjoy a Snapchat-like scribble tool and a front flash.

Another feature that has been added allows users to tag friends who are in a group chat with the use of the ‘@’ symbol and the name of the person being tag. This feature also allows for multiple tagging just as in Facebook.  By doing so, the user can send a particular message to the tagged group chat member while the person being tagged gets a notification alert even if the device is in silent mode. Moreover, people not saved in the address book of the user can also be tagged.

Conversely, the limit of the group chat members had been limited to 256 from 100. This feature is not limited on Android phones but also on iPhones.

Other Updates

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It will be remembered that Facebook had a feature added previously that allows user to send quote messages in group chats. This allows the user to literally quote the message of another for replying to other members of the group. By doing so, it will be clearer in terms of the message being referred to and will minimize if not prevent misunderstandings.

With Facebook behind WhatsApp messenger, expect more updates and improvements in the near future.