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Some of the people that have recently received their pre-ordered iPhone 7 or 7 Plus have noticed the very poor sound quality encountered during phone calls.

As a result, several users have commented on this issue on Apple’s forums and on AppleInsider. Essentially, they appear to be experiencing a hissing sound during the calls that comes from the devices. So far there haven’t been any official statements form Apple on this issue but there are reports of the company already replacing some of the faulty iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


This isn’t the first time in Apple history when they launched a device that turned out to be faulty. There was also the case of the iPhone 4 that came with the first Retina display, but also with a lower cellular connectivity due to the new metal frame used for the device. The antenna was imbedded into the metal frame and that is why the issue surfaced.

Then there was the case of the iPhone 6 line which also came with a huge problem: most devices would bend easily while inside a pocket.

It’s been great so far for Apple in terms of iPhone 7 sales with T-Mobile and Sprint announcing record sales for both devices. The Jet Black and the Black color variants are completely sold out and, despite Apple warning buyers about the Jet Black color being easily scratched, they have turned out to be the most popular colors for the new device.

According to Apple, the Jet Black color is more sensitive when it comes to scratches because of its high shine and users are advised to buy one of the many protective cases for the device.


Other than that, it comes with the same hard anodized surface as other Apple devices and has been through the same polishing process.