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It seems the tech world and jailbreakers are finding it more challenging to keep up with the latest releases from Apple. As if the release of the iPhone 7 had not excited gadget lovers enough, the tech giant also rolled out the iOS version 10.0.1 just a few weeks after launching iOS 10.

This seems to be the trend now with Apple, as they also released iOS 9.3.5 just a couple of weeks after 9.3.4. And when the idevice community was still busy with hopes of a 9.3.5 jailbreak, the iOS 10 was launched.


With these back-to-back rollouts, does it mean that Apple finally has a lead over Pangu and other jailbreakers, or are the latter just really slowing down?

News has been going around that Pangu had difficulty jailbreaking iOS 10, most likely due to problems with Cydia.

And while everyone was waiting for them to crack the code, an Italian jailbreaker, Luca Todesco, suddenly made headlines in the Apple kingdom when he showed off an obligatory Cydia screenshot to prove that he had successfully jailbroken iOS 10. With his success, Apple loyalists are hoping that Pangu will soon release a public version of the jailbreak since Todesco hasn’t released one.

With all that has been happening in the world of Apple, do you think there is still a chance for a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10? Some tech experts say that with the launch of iOS 10.0.1, there is less chance of that happening and there is less significance for it to happen.


Apple device owners are better off waiting for an iOS 10.0.1 jailbreak, unless we will all end up surprised again with a more recent iOS version just a few weeks from now.

In this case, you better settle for a lower but jailbroken 9.3 version, or upgrade to the latest available one for your device.