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It is quite clear that not all mobile devices, especially older units, will no longer receive the official Android Marshmallow update. This includes most of the older mobile devices from Samsung like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4.

Getting Updates Can Be Difficult for Galaxy S4

However, due to some advantageous features of the Marshmallow update, many people can’t settle to a lower Android version like the Lollipop or KitKat. Popular features include improved battery life, app permission controls, volume controls, USB-C support, support for fingerprint scanners, and Google Now features.


Officially, only a few devices are running the Marshmallow update. So, older gadgets may not be able to get the update over-the-air. Alternatively, the latest update can be acquired via online sources. If you have the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can get the Marshmallow via custom ROM.

Download Custom ROM

Take note that custom ROMs can be downloaded from different websites. However, it should be taken with caution because many of these sites are only intended for ads. Thus, it is important to ensure that you have downloaded the right custom ROM.

You can get the Custom ROM and install it on your device. However, you should do this with caution. You should first download the zip file of the Marshmallow custom ROM to your PC. After downloading it to your computer, transfer the file via a USB cable to the SD card of your Galaxy S4.

Follow Important Instructions

You can follow the instructions given by the source of your custom ROM. There are several types of installation for the Marshmallow update. But, make sure that you have visited a legitimate site so that you will not end up bricking your devices.

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Nevertheless, if you don’t want to harm your Samsung Galaxy S4 to get the Marshmallow update, then you can just wait for the right time to install the official release if ever there will be any.