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If you have not yet experienced the new updates for the month of September and October, then it is about time that you look at some of the most notable additions to Clash Royale.

Since its worldwide release in March 2016, many players have almost lost their interest in the game due to the lack of necessary updates. Until recent updates released by Supercell have given the fans a hint of hope for many more updates to come.

Clash Royale

Thus, here are some recent updates for the game added so far.

  • Special Chests Added

Legendary Chest and Epic Chest have been added in which the former can be purchased with gems, while the latter with gold. The Legendary Chest naturally contains guaranteed Legendary card. The Epic chest, on the other hand, contains Epic cards.

  • The Mega Minion

In this update, the Mega Minion is included. The other 4 cards will be revealed soon in the next update.

  • New Challenge Mode

This new update will offer Level 8 players to try the New Challenge Mode. This will include 2 modes, namely the Classic and Grand Challenge. The Classic Challenge will require 10 gems to enter and the top prize contains 100 cards with 2,000 Gold.

On the other hand, the Grand Challenge will require 100 gems for you to enter. The top prize contains 1,100 cards with 22,000 gold.

clash-royale (1)

  • Other Challenges

The Friends List offers the ability to become a spectator whenever your friend goes into battle. This works best for Facebook friends’ list in which players will be able to disable emotes. Other than that, there will be new achievements intended for the new Tournament Challenge mode.

Upcoming updates will surely be a lot more exciting for Clash Royale fans, which have been rumored to bring more surprises in October.