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Chromebook users can now download any Android app they want. This is thanks to the release of the latest build of Chrome OS which packs the Google Play Store inside the update. So far, Chromebook R11 and Asus Chromebook Flip are supported, and other Chromebook models are expected to receive support in the coming months.

Circulating rumors say that this could happen well before Google’s media event this October 04.

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Before this welcome update, it was only the beta version of Chrome OS that included Google Play. Owners of Chromebooks had been asking for full access to the Play Store since the release of the device a couple of months ago. The feature was already installed in Chromebook, but it was still inactive at that time.

With the Chrome OS 53.0.2785.129 update, R11 and Asus Flip Chromebook owners can now have access to all the apps on Google Play Store. Your device can now be a tool that is more than just something for browsing.

You don’t have to rely anymore on just the few Chrome apps that worked like native apps because now, you have access to more than two million apps on the Play Store that were enjoyed only by Android users before.

To get the update, go to Settings>About Chrome OS, then check for updates. After getting the update, enable Google Play Store in your Chrome Settings. Sign in to the Play Store with your Google account, and voila—you have access to the apps and games!

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Remember that most games were designed for touchscreen phones and tablets, so don’t expect to be able to play everything available in the library in the Play Store.

However, there are enough popular and even indie games to choose from on Google Play, so have fun discovering which ones work best on your Chromebook.