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In the beginning of this month there were reports about an issue with Chrome Beta and Dev on Nougat. Even if you had both apps installed on your device, they did not appear in the list of apps and games installed when you accessed Play Store.

Though it may not seem like much, this meant that you could not update them, neither manually, nor automatically. The solution was to search again for the apps and check if they had any update available and set it to download.


People tried various solutions for this, even uninstalling and reinstalling the apps when they couldn’t update them. Not even installing the specific APK for Android 7 seemed to do anything about it. It worked for some people when they went back to a previous version of Chrome Beta, only then it seemed to appear in the My Apps list.

However, as soon as you upgraded it, the problem showed up again, which was quite annoying.

The issue had its origins in the signature keys in Chrome. Alexander Mineer, who works at Google, explained that the keys required to be changed because Chrome can now act as a WebView provider for Nougat.

As such, people realized that the issue was not with Chrome Beta and Dev as such, but with Play Store. Turns out that the Play Store did not update so as to associate the apps that were already installed with the official listing.

Google Chrome Update

Apparently the problem is now fixed. If you’re using Nougat and you have the newest version of Play Store installed, you should clearly see Chrome Beta and Dev when you enter My apps & games.

Moreover, they will receive the proper updates when they are released, just like any other apps. Many users declared that they are happy with the solution and that they did not encounter the problem anymore.