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WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. Though there have been some controversies recently related to the fact that they are further sending private information about users to Facebook, it seems that the company wants to correct their mistakes and reassure users that their conversations are safe.

As such, there have been some surfaced details that show they might work on adding passcodes to chats in order to offer more protection for users’ privacy. A while ago, the company decided to add end-to-end encryption, following into the steps of its rivals, in order to ensure the privacy of the messages sent between users. However, while this is a good measure from keeping remote third parties at bay, it doesn’t stop someone who is around you to take a peek at your private conversations.

As such, adding passcodes to chats seems to be the next logical step in the quest of offering users complete privacy. And WhatsApp seems to have figured that out since they are reportedly already working on it. Android Authority reported that a part of a translation program for WhatsApp has leaked, and there we can see phrases translated into Dutch that say “Passcodes don’t match. Try again” or “Enter the current six-digit passcode”.

Based on this, it seems that we already know what the next WhatsApp update will be bringing. Along with it, it seems that they will also introduce the option of having a recovery email, in case you forget your passcode. However, the recovery feature is optional, which means that you might still get locked out of the app if you don’t set a recovery email. And if you think about the fact that the WhatsApp account is tightly related to the mobile phone number, you’ve got yourself a problem right there.

Even so, the idea of passcodes for WhatsApp is still a good and useful one, but it remains to be seen how the developers will choose to implement it.