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By now, you probably already know that Adobe Flash Player has a problem with online security and that it has been a target of many zero day exploits. Because of this, it’s not surprising to see Adobe releasing new updates every now and then to patch up these vulnerabilities and keep their clients secure.

The latest of these updates is version, which was released in the middle of September and was developed to fix more than 30 vulnerabilities that have been found in both Adobe Flash Player and Digital Editions. Unsurprisingly, 26 of these vulnerabilities has been found in Flash Player for Mac, Linux, and Windows. These security risks would have allowed hackers to bypass security features, obtain sensitive information, and remotely install malware in people’s computers.

Adobe is advising those who use Flash Player to download the update right away to protect their system and increase their online security. Users can go to to download the update, which has a total size of 19.36MB. Version is for Mac and Windows computers, and this is equivalent to update version for Linux computer owners.

Aside from releasing the update, Adobe has revealed that they are updating the Flash Player’s NPAPI version, which is used in Linux systems. The old Flash Player for Linux is the plug-in version that’s used by browsers in Linux computers except Google Chrome (which has upgraded to the newer PPAPI structure). Linux’s NPAPI Flash Player has been stuck in version 11.2 for four years and is in terrible need of an update, and Adobe has thankfully decided to bring it up to speed with the Mac and Windows branch, which has already reached version 23.

It’s safe to say that update version (or for Linux) won’t be the last update that Adobe Flash Player will release. Because of the inherently weak architecture of Flash Player, Adobe’s engineers will most likely discover other vulnerabilities and release updates to patch them up. So, even if you’ve already downloaded version, it’s important to be on the lookout for newer updates and to download them ASAP.