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The Sims 4 was released a few years ago and the fans are already excited about the release of the next installment of the franchise, The Sims 5. Despite the fact that the company usually takes around 5 years to release a new game, gamers are still hoping to see the new version soon.

Though we don’t even have a confirmation that the team is working on a new game, there have been, of course, countless reports and speculations regarding the features and other things the new game could offer. Many tried to predict the upcoming gameplay and add-ons, but we will only know for sure when we will receive an official announcement.

The Sims 4 was quite a controversial game and the discussion that followed its launch led to the removal of some of core features in the game. A part of the community was dissatisfied with the way in which Electronic Arts and the developer Maxis decided to have the release of the game. Mainly people were unhappy with the fact that the developers wanted to milk more money out of fans through making them pay for DLC expansions that were released after the game was launched.

However, some people are speculating that this might be all the more reasons for the company to hurry with the development of The Sims 5. If the developers were to follow their 5-year schedule, this would mean that we will get to enjoy the game only in 2019. Even so, everybody is keeping their hopes high that after the scandal with the DLCs, the company will rush to finishing up the game.

The Sims still is one of the most successful game franchise at the moment, and the upcoming installment should bring up even more fans than it did until now.