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We all knew it had to happen at some point, but few thought it was going to end this quick. Currently, the popular game Pokemon GO has left the top of the app chart and it has been replaced by the competitors Mobile Strike and Clash Royale. Some say that this is happening because the developers don’t know how to milk more money off this cow (or Pokemon). But there are also some other causes.

Initially, the game earned lots and lots of money off the millions of players who downloaded it after its release. But the problem here seems to be that the players who started playing it did not remain with the game and maybe that’s why Pokemon is not found anymore in the top. Apparently the main reason for which Pokemon isn’t the huge success it used to be is the fact that it has no endgame. After downloading it, fans saw this and this is why they stopped opening the app anymore.

You might say that there are many other games like this in the top, such as Clash of Clans, World of Warcraft, Destiny or Candy Crush. This is true, indeed, but the difference is that they make you feel that you are progressing in the game. In Pokemon, if you reach a certain level, then you just have to play for the sake of playing. Finishing the Pokedex is indeed a goal, but this is not enough to keep people hooked on the game. Moreover, the Pokedex is region-locked, so as a player you might never get to finish it.

Let’s just hope that Niantic will realize its mistakes and will start doing something for them, because it’s a pity to abandon a game that has had such a huge success right from the start. Plus, it’s less likely that such an opportunity will ever come back.