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Ten days have passed since the release of iOS 10 and users already received a first beta update that added a Portrait mode in the camera interface of the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the company had to bring a first software update to all users, and this time, with a fix for the Lightning headphone bug, which caused its controls to be disabled, if this feature was inactive for a period of time.

The Lightning headphone bug was discovered right after the iPhone 7 was launched and customers tried to get used to the new life without a headphone jack. Apple was informed about this problem and the company promised to bring a software update fast, and it kept its word. This means that thanks to iOS 10.0.2, even if users stop listening to music, after a while, the Lightning-connected headphones or earbuds will continue to work. In addition, the update has fixed two other bugs: the one that affected Photos app, which was quitting when users switched on iCloud Photo Library, while the other bug prevented enabling some app extensions.

As for the iOS 10.1 Beta, first it was released for developers and now it can be installed by the general public, as well. The update introduced a new Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a dual-lens camera and it allows users to add a bokeh effect to the background of the image, while focusing on the subject. Users should know that this mode work better with enough light, and the subject must stay about 2.4 meters away from the device.

While iOS 10.1 is still in beta mode, it may contain bugs and other issues, and users may not be able to record video when using the Portrait mode with the iSight Duo camera. Apple still needs to work on this feature and it will be stable once the public update will hit the iOS devices.

Users who want to become testers will head to to sign up for the iOS 10.1 Beta program.