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With some many messaging services out there, it must be hard to choose which one is better for you, especially since they keep on evolving and adding new and useful features and it can get hard to keep up with all of those changes. Here is a comparison between three messaging systems (iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Allo) that will help you decide.

Google Allo

Google Allo is the newest one of them all and it’s integrated into the Google Assistant (like Apple’s Siri). Allo can interact with the Assistant by typing the phrase @google in a message thread. This will make the Assistant pay attention to your next text which could be a question that you want answered. For example, you and a friend would like to go see a movie together and you want to know what’s on. You can ask the assistant to tell you by writing @google what movies are on today? Unlike other messaging systems, Google Allo does not offer third party apps yet and when it comes to stickers, it comes with only 25 packs as opposed to the thousands of stickers offered by Facebook. However, it can suggest answers for you and for the more intimate and confidential conversations it has the option of allowing you to talk in an end-to-end encryption mode.


Apple’s iMessages has many perks and visual effects that we cannot find in other messaging apps like sending handwritten notes or sending one of the many third party stickers that are now available on iMessage along with the Apple based sticker packs. However, for all of its many perks it’s still only available on Apple devices.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook also offers access to third party services and has even invited developers to create chatbots that can be used to allow conversations between businesses and their clients, thus enabling users to do just about anything – like paying for something, hailing a ride or ordering food.