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Mobile device users are famous for patronizing apps with entertainment value. One of the most popular apps downloaded over the Internet is the game released by Supercell, namely Clash of Clans. The success of this app paved the way for the new game from the same company, named Clash Royale.

Tower Defense Game

Clash Royale is a tower defense game set in the environment of Clash of Clans, which you can download from virtually anywhere. Nevertheless, the official release has still been limited for certain countries.

Same Popular Characters from Clash of Clans

The exciting thing about this game is that you can fight against opponents online in a duel. You can even find different characters you have known from the Clash of Clans game, namely the Giants, Archers, Barbarian King, Wall Breakers, and many others.

Game Mechanics

The simplicity of this game has made it a popular app for many mobile device owners. Unlike its not-so-distant app relative, you should be able to begin the game with only three towers, including a couple of towers on both sides and another in the middle of the battlefield.

So, aside from defending your own towers, you also get the chance to destroy the central tower of the enemy. As the game lasts for 3 minutes only, you should manage to win or you will be given extra time when the match is tied.

Normally, this game has many different troops available but it will require you to unlock them first. These troops should be unlocked and upgraded via collecting cards, located inside chests that you will earn in winning from tournaments.

Clash Royale is a fun and exciting game that you can enjoy via a multiplayer environment. Aside from that, the game offers excellent graphics properties just like its predecessor, Clash of Clans.