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There are new options for mobile device users to enjoy the same service over the browser when mobile data is not available. Moreover, it can allow users to sync the current activity to a remote location such as a computer. So, all the conversations or files being shared from the mobile device will be shared as well over the PC. Well, it’s not that complicated to use really. But, still here are some basic points that you can refer to if you want to install the WhatsApp Web on your devices.

Specific Browsers Only

Take note that you can use this app over your PC browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and limited others only. This is because it is specifically intended for browsers based on the Chromium update. So, some of the browsers might not work smoothly with this option.

Update WhatsApp to Latest Version

Another thing is that you have to update your WhatsApp to its latest version. This will ensure that all the new features will also work with this update. You simply have to download the latest version from the Google Play Store. Simply search for the WhatsApp keyword from the search bar and then tap on the first result.

Capture QR Code

After you have already updated to its latest version on your mobile device, you need to tap on the Menu and select WhatsApp Web. With this option activated, you can notice the camera will turn on as well. For your reason, you have to capture the QR code from the mobile app.

So, if you are using Android and Windows OS, you simply have to go the WhatsApp menu and select WhatsApp Web. Also for the Blackberry users, you have to open WhatsApp and select chats then menu key and the WhatsApp Web finally. On the other hand, Nokia can also enjoy this simply by tapping in menu after opening WhatsApp and then tap on the WhatsApp Web.