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It’s been three years since the 2nd installment of the Dead Space series and video gamers are now asking and waiting for new developments about the survival video game. There has not been a confirmation for Dead Space 4 but no denial about the possibility of one, either.

Have the developers of the third-person shooting horror video game lost their interest on continuing the Dead Space series or are they now brainstorming on the project? But EA have already dispelled the rumors that the series was dead in 2013 and emphasized the significance of the Dead Space IP despite reports that the game series is actually dead.

Developed by Visceral Games for EA, the there was approximately a two-year gap between the release dates of the Dead Space Trilogy and since the last one was in 2013, gamers are now saying that by this time, a new game should have been launched.

But according to some sources, work is ongoing back at the Montreal Studio of Visceral Games and mockups as well as prototypes are in the early stages of development. Gamers who have already completed the game say that there is room for a third installment of the video game and there are many possibilities.  Moreover, an upcoming DLC will shed light to the issue and actually end the rumors.

Cold Sales

As for those not really having faith in seeing a new game in the near future, they say that Dead Space 2 did not really receive a warm welcome from followers and that Dead Space 3 itself almost did not push through.  It was only after EA asked Visceral Games to improve the franchise and added a cooperative element to the game.

Meanwhile, developers at Visceral Games already have their hands full on other projects at the moment as they are developing a Star Wars game as well as creating support for Battlefield Hardline.

For now, fans remain hopeful that it is not too late for Dead Space 4.