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The next installment of the Pokemon series, Pokemon Z, might be released a bit later due to certain conditions. Many were expecting that it would be unveiled soon after the Sun and Moon release. However, since 2013, the hot topic then is still being worked out.

Failed Expectations

According to rumors, Nintendo was going to release Pokemon Z, but a new plan came up and told the media that it will not be unveiled just yet. This is because they have cancelled the development of the software as part of the sixth generation of the Pokemon series.

In agreement between The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, they have given way for the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Perhaps this might no longer be in the works due to the titles being lined up for the current year.

Rumors and Speculations

The official announcement for the game has yet to be announced by the publisher. So, there is still hope for the fans to finally get it. Moreover, this is still the year that Pokemon is celebrating its 20th. Thus, there is more than just possibilities coming in the way.

Pokemon Go

The release of the Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game, for iOS and Android has become another obstacle for the unveiling of the Pokemon Z. In fact, the new game has become a leading name in the market today. Gamers from other platforms have also shifted to the new app that has revolutionized the gaming experience for mobile device users all over the world.

Judging from the looks of it, you might have an idea about the status of Pokemon Z this year. However, as the avid fans would say it, the current year has yet to end in at least three months. Thus, there might still be hope for the very patient fans out there.