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Earlier this month, Pokémon Go received an update to implement the Buddy system, where a Pokémon can walk with you to earn Candy. A smaller update fixed bugs in preparation for Pokémon Go Plus. Officially, the updates did nothing more.

However, some players have been wondering if the update also made rare Pokémon a little easier to encounter than they were before.

Several players claim that since the update, rare Pokémon have appeared more often. Some people in rural areas, who previously only saw low Pokémon spawn rates, have noticed increased spawn rates overall as well as numerous rare Pokémon. Players who never encountered anything beyond the most common Pokémon before have no seen rare ones, and sometimes multiple rare Pokémon in the same period of time.

Of course, experiences vary. While some players report a surge in rare Pokémon, others say there has been no change. A few claim rare Pokémon come in waves—they’ll encounter more than usual for a while, and then their numbers will drop off again.

Nevertheless, when so many players are reporting a marked increase in rare Pokémon spawns, it seems too much to dismiss as nothing. Either there it is a strange coincidence, or there has been a widespread addition of rare Pokémon. It could be a move meant to balance the game, if Niantic felt rare Pokémon weren’t showing up enough to keep things fair and fun.

What have your experiences been with spotting rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go? Has it happened often? Rarely? Never at all? Have you encountered more rare Pokémon lately, or does it feel about the same as it’s always been?
Share your own Pokémon Go thoughts in the comments, and help us get a little closer to figuring out whether Niantic really made it easier to catch rare Pokémon after the recent update.