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These are interesting times for the educational system as Mojang has announced that it will launch a final build for the Minecraft Education Edition on the 1st of November 2016.

The Minecraft Education Edition was designed as a classroom tool that will help children learn how to cooperate and to make use of their creativity.

However, the game was launched as a beta version for testing purposes to a few select schools a few months ago and since then, the creators of the game have gathered many comments and suggestions form the users. According to Microsoft – the owner of the game – more than 35,000 teachers and students tried the program and offered feedback afterwards.

As a result, Microsoft and Mojang – the company responsible for the game – have made many modifications to the upcoming Minecraft Education Edition. They’ve also added a Classroom Mode companion app that will enable educators to manage the Minecraft world and all of the students that are part of it from a central user interface and to communicate with the students via a chat window. The app also comes with a map view of the Minecraft virtual world and a list with all of the students that are logged in.

The Minecraft: Education Edition will also come with many of the new features that have recently been added to the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition via updates like more player skins, a better user interface or horses.

If you’re an educator that is interested in the game or you’re just curious about it, you can find out more on the official site. There is a lot of material there and it includes lesson plans that integrate the game and a mentorship program that will connect unexperienced educators with educators that are already experienced in using the Minecraft: Education Edition game.