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Many users are excited about the release of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Part of the entire anticipation when it comes to launching a new product or device are the rumors, of course. Despite there being countless rumors and speculations, Microsoft hasn’t offered a confirmation for either of them, not even for an official release date.

However, many hints point to a possible release in the spring of 2017 of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. One of them would be the fact that the much-awaited update to the operating system Windows 10 will also be released in spring. Since everybody expects the new product to run on the latest update to the operating system, makes sense for the Pro 5 not to be released before the update.

Another reason that makes us think that it will be released next year is the fact that Microsoft is supposedly planning a huge event by then, which might see the release of other products: Surface Book 2, the yet unconfirmed Surface phone and the all-in-one Surface computer. But maybe Surface Pro 5 will also be included on the list.

A third reason for which we will not see the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 that soon might be the fact that the products will run on Kaby Lake processors made by Intel. However, Intel does not plan to release this type of processors until the end of 2016, which means that Microsoft has to wait for Intel to finish up the chipsets before going on with their product.

It is forecasted that the base unit of the Surface Pro will cost $899. There will also be version with higher specs, but also higher prices, such as the Intel Core i7 one for $999 and the i7 Extreme version for $1,599.