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PS4 Pro will make its debut less than two months. In this digital world, this has been a long wait and by this time, fans are asking of a possible jailbreak for PS4. Can gamers be able to play cracked games and add new apps anytime soon?

According to a team of expert gamers, they have made a major breakthrough and were able to get into the console system. failOverflow shared their kexec-style code in the first quarter of the year that makes it possible for veteran users to  use Linux into the console.  There is a setback, however. No exploit is included and this leaves gamers to strategize on their own.

It was in February that the failOverflow team finished their work on a jailbreak and as a result, they were able to run and play cracked games as well as install new apps on the gaming console. This was achieved after they got hold of the kernel exploit included in the PS4 Firmware 1.76 version. Moreover, there have already been updates on PS4 although there have been no news so far about the exploit.

Cobra USB

If there is one interesting jailbreak attempt on the PS4 is a Cobra USB that can be plugged into the console, a device that is basically an emulator and can be utilized to run pirated games and applications. However, the existence or even the possibility of this device have been criticized by some experts and said that it was a mere plot of a bogus hacking team.  And after the developers of the said device were not able to release the said device at the given date, which was supposed to be in February, the more the criticisms became stronger.

On another rumored updates about the PS4, the team H3ck34 has made an announcement about a release of a dongle for the game console. But not much talk is going on about this although speculators link this to the developers from Cobra team.

In the meantime, watch out for the latest PS4 jailbreak news to stay in the loop.