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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about GTA V, but finally there is some news about a recent release of shots that showcase an upcoming GTA V DLC named Biker. At the same time, a new unofficial mod was launched called the GTA V Redux Graphics update.

The upcoming Biker DLC will enable players to form a motorcycle club along with up to eight players and to even lead it if they want to. If they don’t want to lead, there are many other roles that can be assumed within the motorcycle club like Prospects for example. They will also be able to participate in either competitive events or co-operative ones.

The DLC also comes with new motorcycles, a custom Biker mechanic, MC Clubhouses and new venues for business ventures.

According to an official GTA V developer post, the upcoming DLC will offer many opportunities for players to climb the ranks within his gang. It also comes with many new weapons, tattoos, styles and other features.

It all sounds great, but Rockstar – the company responsible for the game did not offer an official release date. All they said is that the DLC will come very soon. As for the GTA V Redux mod, it will come with many graphical improvements, textures, effects and a new weather system. The mod came from a fan that was completely unimpressed by the game’s performance on a couple of consoles.

The fan and mod creator is Josh Romito and he stated that he found many graphical errors in the game on Xbox 360 and PS3. He was also disappointed by the game’s overall visual and performance on the newer consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. So he took it upon himself to fix it and fans are encouraged to download the mod from his GTA V Redux site.