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Fallout 4 updates were released for PC, Xbox and PS4 last month and these include support for the Nuka-World expansion and the exclusive feature for PS4 video gamers: the flexibility to remove add-ons without having to uninstall it fully.

Unfortunately, the PS4 mod was cancelled by Sony. This was what Bethesda stated when the status of the game was asked. With PS4 owners already comfortable playing video games on consoles and have enjoyed the experience of modding.  However, Bethesda are keeping the hopes high for the gamers by exploring the possibilities and work their way around to make these mods still able to be in the system.

Sony PS4 Mod Cancellation of Fallout 4

Reports came out that one of the reasons behind electronics and device manufacturer, Sony, is the company’s measure against piracy and hacking. Since PS4 mods are not free from piracy and hackings, it is not really secure or safe from risks.This is also because these mods played on game consoles will be open to public access and will give exclusivity of benefits to the developer. That said, private information might be at risk since hackers can easily get information about the gamers.

However, Vice President for PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, gave out a statement that Bethesda is working on adding a support feature for the mods and said that this is on top of the list of what they want to accomplish. There are also some fixes that came with Fallout 4 1.7 like the issue on some of the dog armor that will not equip on Dogmeat. As for the mods version which is the Xbox One and the PC, one of the fixes is in the mods and mods detail menu where there was a slight improvement on user interface. The other one allows the player to become invisible through sneaking while running with mods.

Meanwhile, a fan was immortalized in the Nuka-World DLC after he shared his gaming experience and expressed his love for the game.