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There are some very important updates made by Supercell on its increasingly phenomenal app, Clash Royale. These updates should be good news for many mobile gamers out there looking forward to the latest update of their new app. Here are some excitingly new features to be excited about.

List of New Updates

  • New Tournament Mode

Challenges have escalated in which you need to win 12 games to unlock the top prize. However, you will be out of the game after three sad losses.

The Classic Challenge requires you to earn 10 gems to enter, in which you will win the top prize of 100 cards and 2,000 Gold.

Meanwhile, the Grand Challenge will require 100 gems to enter, with the top prize that will reach the top prize of 1,100 cards and 22,000 Gold.

  • Revamped Tournaments

Prices of gems and prizes in tournaments have been reworked. You will also be able to choose from 4 tournament setups.

  • Social Features

Friendly Battles are offered in which you will have the chance to challenge your friends from the list. The Friends List has been moved to the new Social tab that should replace the Clan tab. You can also enjoy being a Spectator, viewing battles of friends who are online.

  • Shop Offers and New Chests

The Legendary Chest contains Legendary Card from any Arena. You can win this from battles and appears clearly in the Shop. The Epic Chest also contains Epic Cards that you can win in battles.

In addition, you will have Arena Packs with special one-time offer available when reaching a new arena. New Cards are likewise available in special offer card stacks offered for newly released cards.

There are also additional features that you can enjoy in the Clash Royale update, so you need to install the latest version to enjoy full benefits.