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On September 17, Square Enix uploaded “The Warmth of Light,” the fifth episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Brotherhood is an anime starring the main characters of Final Fantasy XV. It is set during the start of the game, with flashbacks that reveal more details about the characters’ pasts. All five episodes can be watched for free on Youtube.

They are:

Each episode is fairly short, averaging around 15 minutes. The fifth episode concluded the series, although a special sixth episode is included as part of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Just as the middle episodes of the anime focused on each of Noctis’s companions, the sixth episode will reportedly feature Luna.

Brotherhood may be short, but it’s an excellent introduction to the Final Fantasy XV protagonists. Along with Kingsglaive, it helps flesh out the world, but while Kingsglaive is fairly serious and focused on action, Brotherhood has many lighter moments and emphasizes the bond between the characters.

If you’re interested in Final Fantasy XV and want to learn more about its characters—or if you aren’t sure you’ll like them and want to see more of their personalities—Brotherhood is well worth watching. From a personal perspective, the anime really made me like the characters more. It especially gave me a greater appreciation for Prompto, whom I hadn’t thought much of just from the trailers and previews.

The Final Fantasy XV universe has enough content now to be a bit overwhelming, but Brotherhood is a good place to begin. Brotherhood, Kingsglaive, and the game itself are the three you really want to focus on to have the fullest view of the story and characters. (

Have you watched Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV? What are your thoughts on it, and how did it influence your expectations for the upcoming game?

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