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Mobile device users can now call and text their friends or family for free by using WhatsApp. But, they must have a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection in order to access the services of this app on any mobile device.

The devices that are capable of downloading and installing WhatsApp include those that are running on Android, Windows, OS X, BlackBerry OS, and some Java devices such as Nokia. If your device is not within this range, you might not enjoy the benefits of using WhatsApp.

Download and Install from Different Sources

You simply need to select the right version that should fit your device. If you are downloading this app from a computer, you will be brought to the download page of WhatsApp itself. Once the file has been downloaded, you will be given an option to run or install the device. You can then ignore this option but instead you need to copy this file to your mobile in which you can install it from there.

Installing a downloaded file from a different source rather than the mobile store like the App Store, Windows Store or Play Store will require you to make some changes to the settings. Therefore, you have to make sure that the option of installing from a different source has been enabled for this installation only. But you have to disable it after doing this.

Download and Install WhatsApp on a Mobile

Another way to install WhatsApp is by searching the app from the mobile store. If you do this, there is no need to enable the option for installing apps from a different source. Thus, you should be able to download and install WhatsApp without any problem. Simply make sure that your device is capable of installing this application to avoid any issues.

Invite Friends to Install WhatsApp

After installing the app, you might want to invite your friends or family to install WhatsApp for their devices as well. This will make sure that you avoid being charged with unnecessary fees. Simply make sure that you are connected to the Web when you want to contact them.