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Supercell, maker of insanely popular Clash of Clans, has taken strategic steps to keep the highly successful strategy game afloat. This is amidst the reports that many mobile apps are beginning to establish in the mobile gaming industry.

COC Marketing Strategy

The mobile gaming giant has recently lost some players due to several apps released as of late. With these competitors getting in the way, Supercell is said to be planning a major comeback that would revolutionize the game dramatically. Perhaps the changes will be more into the scoring system and not mainly on the battle concept.

Rumored Upcoming Developments

There are some new updates released in September though that has been part of the development process. However, the most anticipated update is the one that might be released in October 2016. For this reason, fans are looking forward to several upcoming developments.

  • Upcoming Town Hall 12

Many fans are looking forward the Town Hall 12. This might be because of the seemingly static nature of the TH11. Accordingly, nothing has been new especially after the last defense or troop update. Perhaps opening up the next town hall can bring about newer possibilities.

  • Arranged Wars

There might be a bit of an update in the Clan Wars feature of the game. This update is where the clan can agree on a particular match in which the terms should be in accordance with their agreement. Perhaps it has been in the works that they have started to consider some arranged wars strategy to lure back lost COC fans.

  • Upgrading Heroes

It has been in the rumors also that heroes can still be deployable even as they are being upgraded to a higher level. Moreover, there are rumors that they will release some strategic ways to mine gems as well as releasing a new spell system to be carried out in the next Clash of Clans update that could happen in October 2016 or later.

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