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And for that matter, when will it come?

Minecraft is now available across a wide variety of devices. Since then, the console versions have been slowly catching up to the PC version as new features are added. However, it hasn’t caught up yet, and it’s been a while since it had a major update.

Although the previous update for the console version of Minecraft came this month (September 15 for the Wii U version and September 9 for all others), all it did was fix bugs and remove the ability to kick players out during mini-games.

The last console update before that came at the end of August and added a new mini game, new Battle Maps, and achievements, along with fixing bugs. (It also added the vote-to-kick option that was removed in the September update.) In fact, although there have been some skin packs, the majority of console Minecraft updates lately have been focused on mini games and bug fixes, without a lot of other content.

Some players enjoy the mini games, while others do not. There are really two ways to look at it. You could take it to mean the developers are focusing their efforts on mini games instead of other Minecraft gameplay elements players might want more (which contributes to why they dislike the mini game updates). On the other hand, you could look at it from the perspective of the developers not having major Minecraft content ready yet, but adding the mini games in order to give players new things to do.

Either way, it’s been a while since Minecraft received an important console update, so fans can look to the future and speculate on what might be added next.

What Minecraft features are you still hoping to see added to the console versions of the game? Which PC elements have yet to make the jump?

We don’t know when the next Minecraft update will come for consoles, but we’ll let you know if we learn anything new.