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If you are an avid WhatsApp user, you are most likely keeping an eye out for the latest WhatsApp news and features. Gladly, the messaging platform’s latest update, WhatsApp version 2.16.259 are loaded with cool new features that make messaging and calling more convenient, such as its new voice message and missed call updates. When placing a call for instance, you can now quickly leave a voice message if your call is not answered, just like a voice mail! And if you missed a call, the missed call notification will show up in your chat, allowing you to check missed calls easily and promptly make a call back to your caller.

That’s not all, the new WhatsApp also features some tricks that you are not probably aware of. Among which is that WhatsApp can now also use your phone’s front flash light. Perfect when you’re video chatting under poor lighting conditions. Another is that you can now forward multiple messages at once as well as quote messages when replying.

Major Update for iPhone Users

iOS 10 users have something more to celebrate. In its most updated version of the app, WhatsApp’s developer Facebook, rolled out major improvements. One of such is the ability of users to use the virtual assistant Siri while in the platform. Yes, now you can send a message, call, or video call a contact in WhatsApp without moving a finger. You can just for instance command Siri to “Send a WhatsApp message to Jane saying how are you?” and WhatsApp will automatically send your message.

What looks like a pop up window with a preview of your message will appear to allow you to review the message before sending it. And also, you can now select WhatsApp as your default messaging platform for getting in touch with a particular contact. Your iPhone will remember what particular app you usually use when communicating with Jane, for example.

So, are WhatApp updates worth it? Definitely!

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