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Facebook didn’t buy WhatsApp for nothing. The messaging app after all boasts of over one billion users who use the platform for sending data. What is more, the number of its users is growing every day as more and more people turn to the service to get in touch with family and friends, leaving rival messaging services such as Viber, Telegram and even Facebook Messenger trailing far behind.

WhatsApp popularity can be attributed to a number of factors — robust security, user-friendly interface, availability on all platforms, and messaging flexibility. Did you know that you can actually send a range of data through the service? Photos, videos, voice messages, contacts, Word and PDF documents, and even location details. The latter is especially useful if you ever to need to meet friends and want to give them your exact location.

Now, as if these features are not enough, some people actually thought that they can make WhatsApp extra cool and so WhatsApp Blue, the unofficial modified version of the application, was created.

This edition more or less works the same as the original WhatsApp, maybe slightly better, but instead of taking the iconic green color of the app, it uses the cooler shade of blue.

Its most recent version, WhatsApp Blue Edition v15 Mod features a updated launcher icon, new send button, WACA v2 Ticks, new notif icons for messages and miss calls, new setting list icons, new style of incoming messages and attachment picker. The rest of the features are basically the same; you can still enjoy all the features of the original WhatsApp except probably concerning security. Since the modified version is not created by WhatsApp’s official developer, in this case Facebook, safety and security is not guaranteed. So, if you plan to get the modded version, be aware of the risk.

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