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Being the world’s most successful messaging service has its disadvantage — you are always the target of hoaxes and scams on the net, at worst of imitations. Some months ago, we have encountered WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Blue — WhatsApp modifications promising lots of cool updates and features but sadly none of which was claimed by Facebook, WhatsApp developer, as their product.

Interestingly, WhatsApp Gold Version in particular was reported by some users to have campaigns on various social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp itself despite it being not the real deal.

But perhaps the latest and most annoying piece of dodgy WhatsApp version users have encountered so far is the so-called WhatsApp 4G which promises a host of features, such as sending a private message without showing your number, free wifi mode, free video calling, free call, and so on. It also boasts of enabling users to see who have viewed their profile picture. Too good to be true and clearly a sham from the get go as it will ask you to share it with 15 friends during the installation process.

Thankfully though, before it was able to fool that many users, an ethical hacker checked website where the supposed app can be downloaded and snooped on its code, and found out that it has absolutely no ties to the legit WhatsApp application.

In addition, the hacker found out that there is no such application as WhatsApp 4G; only a link that will take you to a page where you would be asked to invite friends before you can invite the app, and upon the clicking the invite button will send messages to your provided contacts using the WhatsApp scheme, fooling you into promoting a hoax on behalf of the scammers.

So, next time you download WhatsApp, make sure that it’s the real thing. Check this out for legit WhatsApp update.