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Many people have not yet installed the latest version of WhatsApp from their mobile devices. So, they have not enjoyed the full potential of the app, such as the ability to make video calls.

Rumors of Video Call Features

Well, at least for now voice calling has only been the talk of the town because developers are planning to launch this in the next update. The release date will be announced soon enough. For now, there have been rumors to release the video call feature of WhatsApp in the next update.

Specific Android Version

Until that time comes, it is best to get ready for the best to come. Thus, you should ensure that your device is running the appropriate Android device to handle this great an update. Android versions like Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Jellybean, KitKat, and Lollipop are capable of installing this app. So, if you are still using the older version of the OS, then you need to start upgrading.

WhatsApp in Beta

As of now, only the beta version of the app has been able to test the capability of WhatsApp video call. Therefore, if you want to be part of the beta testing community, you need to register online. Thus, you might want to do it from your mobile device. Simply visit the Google Play Store and you will be taken to an option that will allow you to choose to become a beta tester.

People have been looking forward for this new update with video calling feature. Well, people might want to know that upon hitting the call icon on the chat menu, two options are there to allow you to make voice calls or video calls. On some devices, this new beta update is not available but it will be given out soon enough. Other devices still needs to get some updates on their Android versions in order to take advantage of WhatsApp call features.

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