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There have been talks about a Sims 5 release as early as 2014, the release of Sims 4. But up to this day, the developers of the game, EA and Maxis are yet to be heard from regarding this rumor. There was already the official statement about the upcoming “City Living” expansion pack and this might have added fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Five-year Period

In the past, Maxis and Electronic Arts have released a new game in the Sims series every five years and if the direction goes as expected, the 5th installment will be in 2019. However, there are several factors that can advance or delay the launch of the game fans are excited about.  And with the not-so warm welcome given by gamers to Sims 4, some people are not too confident about a new game coming out soon.

What to Expect from Sims 5

Despite the lack of confirmation and the cold reception to the current version of the game, there are also talks that Sims 5 will be boasting of Virtual Reality support. Will this be another Pokemon Go phenomenon? It is interesting to know that this can be a welcoming transformation, given that “The Sims” is played via a third-party view. But it is still unsure if the developers of the game will be able to do this.  Perhaps, it will be best for Sims 5 to be first tested first on the PC since its predecessor is on a PC platform as well. This can give the developers an idea if they can move on to designing the game for consoles as well.

It is already a fact that Sims 4 is exclusively a PC version and this has stirred the minds of some people that the vague release date might be because the developers are cooking up a plan of releasing the game for consoles.

But in the meantime, gamers will just have to make do with the latest Sims news and hope for an earlier release than expected.