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While Samsung Galaxy S7 owners are waiting for they Android Nougat update, they should pay a lot of attention to their already running OS which is Android Marshmallow. Recently, Samsung launched a security patch for Canadian carriers that have customers with Samsung Galaxy S7 devices that run Android Marshmallow 6.0.1.

The Canadian carriers whose devices will be getting the patch are Bell, Telus, Rogers and a lesser known sub-brand named Koodo. So, if you belong to one of these, you can count yourself lucky.

Since it’s a security patch, it addresses many issues and the most important one of them all is a vulnerability that could have enabled remote code execution. Basically, that vulnerability could have been exploited by a malicious third party and get information from the affected devices through many possible means like web browsing, email or media files processing.

This could have been the case according to the September Android Security Bulletin, but fortunately, it wasn’t. There haven’t been any reports of that vulnerability being exploited and let’s hope that there won’t be any until everybody updates their OS.

It is presumed that the update will include all of the three level strings provided by Google to manufactures earlier in September which had the purpose of making it easier for them to make changes to Android.

As always, device owners are urged and encouraged to update their OS or apps as often as possible or as soon as they are notified that the updates are available, because updates usually come with many bug fixes, improved performance and more importantly, security patches. Many operating systems and apps have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers who are actively searching for them. So, unless you want to become one of their victims, you are advised to always check for updates.