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Gamers are waiting for any news on Call of Duty’s next installment, but the developers have not made any recent announcements related to this. To keep the anticipation to a more bearable level, gaming enthusiasts have been entertaining themselves by making speculations about the 4th part of Black Ops.

Game Play

It is expected that this installment will be one of the most interesting from COD, and we can hope that with all the waiting we have to do, the developers won’t disappoint. Zombies were one of the best parts of Black Ops 3, so a lot of gamers believe that they will still be a part of the new installment, especially since these half-dead beings are also so popular in other games. Gaming addicts also speculate that there will be single player and multi player campaigns. Even if the story has not been revealed yet, if we base it on the other Call of Duty games, the setting will most likely still be in the future. Since the most recent COD version was set in the year 2065, Black Ops 4 is expected to be set in an even later time.

Gaming enthusiasts are also hoping for more customization options. Like being able to choose your gender and social settings. There could even be social areas in the game where players can congregate and interact with each other in between missions.

Call of Duty Movie

As far the world of cinema is concerned, one of the trends we’ve noticed in recent years is making film adaptations of popular video or computer games. And with COD being such a big hit in the gaming world, we won’t be surprised if it will soon have it’s own movie franchise, following the likes of Resident Evil, World War Z, and so on.

Release Date

If we look at the trend of COD launch dates, we can expect Black Ops 4 to be released in the later part of 2018. This is because the third installment of the series was rolled out in 2015, the second one in 2012, and the first one in 2010. However, due to popular demand and the clamor from gamers who are giddy with anticipation, we are hoping that Black Ops 4 will be launched sooner.