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This may come as sad news for fans of the widely popular game. Although Rockstar has not made any official announcement related to the launch or its postponement of GTA 6, it is speculated that the developers have postponed the release date of this installment for the time being. The rumors are said to be backed by the report that Rockstar didn’t make an appearance at the recent PlayStation Meeting. This disappointed people who were expecting the GTA team to make an appearance at the event to announce something related to the 6th installment.

The gaming world lit up with this news, with gossip going around that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be rolled out much later than we thought so the developers could focus on providing support for the still in-demand GTA 5. Some even started to say that GTA 6 had been canceled completely. Of course, we would like to believe the first rumor better.

Other gamers and fans of the series have speculated that the delay could be due to exclusivity deals with Sony and Microsoft, while some are saying the GTA team is saving the announcement of the launch of the 6th installment for the E3 2017 Expo.

On the good side, all of these remain as rumors as of now. On the darker end, this means we  are still in the dark as to when GTA 6 will really be rolled out. However, we can still hope that it will be some time in late 2018, as earlier speculated by gaming buffs.

Since its release of the first series in 2001, Grand Theft Auto has gained the favor of gamers across the globe. Selling over 220 million units all over the world as of August 2015, it is one of the most popular games that continues to excite gaming enthusiasts. Its 5th installment was released in 2013, and earned $800 million on its first day. In its first three days, it grossed $1 billion, breaking industry sales records and making it the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. So it is no wonder that Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to receive a similar or an even bigger response.