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During the Google I/O 2016 in May, two new services were revealed, and the tech giant said they would both be launched this summer. Google Duo, the new video calling app, was rolled out more than a month ago. Now, Google Allo, the new smart messaging app that everyone is highly anticipating, is reported to be set for release by September 21, just in time to make it by their announced summer deadline.

This news is supported even further by the tweet of tech leaker Evan Blass, who posted “Hello, Allo (launches this week.)”, followed by “9/21” on his Twitter. If this is true, then we all should be excited.

Allo is a messaging app which Google claims will make conversations easier, more productive and more expressive. You can find information, get answers, and get things done without having to leave your conversation because you will be able to access Google’s smart assistant. This is a technology that uses the firm’s search engine and neural networks. So what does this mean for users? You get to book movie or game tickets, reserve a table at restaurants, check on your flight status, and access your daily schedule or photos without having to jump from one app to another.

Aside from integrating Google’s AI assistant, Allo can also bring YouTube, Search, Map, and Translate to all your conversations. It also has Smart Reply, which predicts responses to posts and pictures by analyzing what’s in them. For example, if someone sends you a picture of their most recent adventure where they are about to sky dive, there will be automatic options for appropriate responses such as ‘How fun!’, ‘How exciting!’, and ‘So brave!’. Smart Reply learns over time and suggests responses in your style without requiring you to type in a single word.

For more expressive and creative communication, Allo has Ink, which lets you doodle on the photos you send. It also has Stickers that were exclusively designed by independent studios and artists across the globe. Its Whisper Shout feature will let you change the font size with a quick swipe, eliminating the need to type in ALL CAPS when you want to get a point across.

Google Allo also has end-to-end encryption, private notifications (to ward off sneaky friends who peer over your shoulder), and expiring chats for controlling how long your messages stick around.

Allo certainly promises to be a messaging app that we should be excited about, as it will allow us to enjoy and manage our online communications with more convenience and ease.

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