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The popularity of WhatsApp messenger as a cross-platform app that can be used for Android phones, tablets and iPhones is evidenced by the number of users worldwide that had already reached more than 1 billion. Apart from common smarthphone models such as the Samsung series, Blackberry and Windows Phone, some Nokia phones are also compatible with WhatsApp messenger. While Nokia has taken a back seat when Android phones started to dominate the market, developers of the messenger app came up with a version for some Nokia phones like the Asha and Nokia E6, among others.

Some users might still have older Nokia phones like the E6 and might be wondering if a WhatsApp messenger download is possible. The good thing is that this Nokia model is compatible with the app although downloading it is different from the procedure using smartphones.

Steps in Downloading WhatsApp for Nokia E6

There are basically six easy steps to communicate with friends and family worldwide with your Nokia phone. With internet connection, chatting and being connected to others is free. The first step is to select “Menu” from the phone and from the menu, select “Store”. After, you need to sign into your Nokia account and search for WhatsApp. The next step is to select WhatsApp messenger. Once selection is done, you can now download the file and confirm the download.

Another way to have the WhatsApp messenger is through the Nokia PC Suite via a desktop computer or a laptop. First step is downloading the Nokia PC Suite. After installation, you then need to download the app to the computer. Next step is to connect the desktop or computer to the Nokia phone via the USB hub. While in the PC Suite, choose the Install Application’s button and from the correct folder, select the file for WhatsApp with the .sis extension. Still on the PC Suite page, select the file found in the left column and click the arrow found in between the columns. There will be a pop-up window that allows you to complete the installation using your Nokia E6.

However, since WhatsApp will no longer be supporting some Nokia models and Blackberry by the end of the year, there have been questions raised about a WhatsApp Nokia Asha download.