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Ever since Pokémon Go’s release, many players have been searching for any sign of Ditto. Ditto is not a Legendary Pokémon, but no one has been able to catch it in Pokémon Go. This led a number of people to believe Ditto was hidden within the game as an Easter egg, much like the secret method to pick Eevee’s evolution.

Since Ditto is a Pokémon that can transform to take on the appearance of others, most of the Ditto theories revolved around ways to reveal a Pokémon to secretly be Ditto.

However, the latest Pokémon Go data mining debunks the idea. The game’s code contains no references to Ditto outside of its name and Pokémon family name.

Some Pokémon Go data is found only on the server, not in the local code, but this still doesn’t make Ditto possible. According to the FAQ released along with the data mining news, “every server side request has an accompanying handler” in the local data. Unless it is tied to one of the common Pokémon Go actions, there is no way for Ditto to be obtained in the game.

To put it simply, the code would have to contain something to trigger the server’s Ditto data. For example, while the Eeveelution data isn’t present either, the local game code still contains a handler for it.

It is possible that Ditto is available, not as an Easter egg but as a regular Pokémon to catch or obtain through evolution, but this would make it exceedingly rare since there is still no evidence to support this.
What do you think? Is Ditto in Pokémon Go, just incredibly difficult to obtain? Is there a Ditto Easter egg not tied to any specific handlers in the local game code? Or has Ditto simply not been added to Pokémon Go yet, despite being a non-Legendary Pokémon from the first generation?

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