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Google’s real-time traffic app is going beyond just helping drivers dodge heavily congested areas and road mishaps. Now, Waze will help you find the perfect parking spot too. Partnering with INRIX, a traffic intelligence provider that shares data on parking capacity with companies, Waze has an even better “where to park” feature.

The easy nav app already has a parking feature that allows you to search for a spot to park before you arrive at your destination. Waze helps drivers find the closest available parking lot to their destination and offers to add that spot to the GPS-guided route before your drive starts so you can then navigate to that spot directly. If ever you don’t select a parking spot before arriving at your destination, Waze will give you the option to select and navigate towards one when you are nearing your destination.

But now that it has partnered up with INRIX, it can provide you with even more accurate, helpful, and instantaneous results. This is because INRIX gathers traffic and infrastructure data which is used by car manufacturers, governments, and news sources. Some of the automakers that use INRIX are BMW, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. The information it provides includes how much parking is available at a particular block and applicable fares from cities and parking facilities. This gives drivers helpful information on where parking is heavy or light and how much you will have to pay at a certain spot.

INRIX vice president and general manager of parking Alex Israel said, “Driving from point A to B is only part of the journey. The addition of INRIX parking enhances Wazer’s end-to-end driving experience.”

A report shows that drivers in North America and Europe wasted an average of 55 hours last year looking for a spot to park. The Chief of Business Development of Waze Flavia Sasaki Siqueira said, “Driving around looking for spots impacts arrival times and adds unneeded frustration and stress to the entire driving experience.”

Always having to beat another driver to an available parking spot surely is a pain in the neck, so use Waze and discover how much of a better experience driving can be with this awesome app.