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At the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in June, one of the biggest reveals was God of War 4. Aside from making fans happy because the installment became official, gaming enthusiasts became even more excited for the launch of this sequel because of the new features announced at the expo.

One of these new features to look forward to is the brand new combat system. The game’s director Cory Barlog said that the installment’s battle system is all but fun and satisfying for him. The prequels under this title have all had very intense combat play, but the latest addition to the franchise is said to feature fast-paced action that will be “satisfying as hell to play”. The development of the battle system is even still currently in development, with developers hoping to finalize everything before the release date.

Another new feature in GOW 4 is this installment takes the franchise to Norse mythology, veering away from Greek mythos used previously with the title. And even if the combat may be ‘fiercer’, the storyline seems to be softer, as it shows a different side to Kratos. The violent and vengeful crazed immortal reveals a character who is also a restrained but troubled father.

Fans are also expecting a change in game length, as God of War 4 brings a new fighting engine. It has a new semi-open world and role-playing gameplay elements, and this type of action adventure will undoubtedly affect the game length. A fan on Twitter who wanted to know how many hours the actual gameplay will run was answered with “hard to know the actual runtime until we are done” by Cory Barlog. Barlog, who is directing this 4th installment, was also the director behind God of War 2 (considered to be the best in the series by many gamers). This is another reason why fans of the game are even more excited for the latest addition to the franchise.

The pairing up of Kratos with his son is also one of the unique features in GOW 4. Gamers will also notice that Kratos is using a new weapon in place of his Chaos Blades. The game will definitely have more exciting new features that haven’t been revealed yet, so let’s hope for more news about this as we excitedly wait for the new installment to hit shelves in fall of next year.