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WhatsApp – the widely used messaging service – has just announced that its latest update that goes by the version number 2.16.272 will let users tag people in group chats. The process is very easy and all you’d have to do is to use the @ symbol and begin to type the contact’s name.

Much like Facebook, you’ll get a lot of name suggestions as you type. The feature also enables you to tag more contacts in the same conversation thread if you feel like it’s necessary. The fact is that even if the respective contact you tag has muted that group chat, they will still receive the notification once you tag them so there’s no way for them to escape that. They’ll have to see the message and the same goes for you, of course, when you’re tagged by somebody in a group conversation.

However, users will not be getting the update just yet. It’s very likely that we will be seeing the final build for the update sometime in the following weeks. That being said, you should enjoy the silence while it lasts and hope that it nobody will tag you in conversations you do not want to be in anymore.

It’s also a good advice to not enter that many group conversations on WhatsApp if possible.

Maybe this isn’t the best update so far but there have been many great update releases with many useful and fun features from WhatsApp that are increasing its popularity. And this is happening in the wake of the recent changes in its terms and conditions that now enable it to share private account information with Facebook – its parent company.

While many people have complained about this issue and many have already opted out of it (because it’s optional), some appreciate it and agree with the terms.