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A few months ago, rumors that surfaced about the specs of the iPhone 7 indicated that the flagship won’t come with innovations and Samsung thought that this is the moment to distance themselves and hit the jackpot. The mistake that Samsung has made was to launch the Galaxy Note 7 too soon, with too many features (iris scanner and faster-charging battery) and suppliers were pushed to meet the deadlines no matter what. When the Note 7 was launched in August, fans who bought it started reporting that their devices exploded while charging and on September 12, Samsung has announced that it will replace 2.5 million units that have been shipped to their customers.

Right after its launch, the Note 7 became available in ten countries, but the reports about batteries catching fire have forced Samsung to make a statement about this situation. First, the company has suggested users to turn off their phones, then later, it released a software patch that prevented batteries from overheating.

Samsung was accused of rushing to release the Note 7 because it underestimated the potential of the iPhone 7, but the manufacturer has responded, saying that “Timing of any new mobile product launch is determined by the Mobile business division based on the proper completion of the development process and the readiness of the product for the market.”

This year, the flagship phablet was released with a bigger battery of 3500 milliampere built by Samsung SDI Co. (which is 20 percent owned by the South Korean company), while Apple has equipped its iPhone 7 Plus with 2900 mAh battery. In order to finish production of the components needed for the Note 7, Samsung’s employees and suppliers have worked under pressure to meet the deadlines and it wasn’t very easy to make the changes demanded by engineers who came up with better ideas and messed up the plans.

In August, despite the odds, the Note 7 was successfully released in the US via AT&T and in Australia via Telstra Corp. Back in May, the representative of one these carriers made some tests, but he wanted to check the antenna performance and data speeds, without crossing his mind to check the battery as well. And everyone has thought that the Note 7 has no flaw, but when batteries stated exploding, the phone division threw the blame on Samsung SDI.