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Pokemon Go has been out for quite some time now but Niantic is constantly updating the game and players are always finding new ways to find and capture more Pokemon. Here are the latest and best tips for the game in it’s current conditions.

Use the Buddy System

Players are now able to ‘walk’ a specific Pokemon by setting it as their Buddy, doing this allows them to collect candy for that species. This is a great way to collect more candy while also hatching eggs; the distance between Pokemon varies with the most rare Pokemon needing to be walked 3km for 1 candy.

Look for moving leaves

The classic leaf flutter has been in the Pokemon games for a while and it’s also featured in Pokemon Go, they show players where a Pokemon has spawned on the map. Standing close to that area could spawn a Pokemon to capture.

Visit parking lots

Pokemon seem to love them and will regaularly spawn in large parking lots; the more PokeStops around, the better. It’s strange but more and more players are confirming that this actually does work. So visit some parking lots with plenty of PokeStops nearby, set up some lures and catch them all!