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Apparently, a new GTA 5 Online update will be released soon for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, to many fans’ happiness. A fresh DLC was reported to be currently under development for a launch that should take place this September. Fans who kept a keen eye on the games already noticed something that was specific for other DLCs previously released in the past.

The Qabeta branch for the Grand Theft Auto 5 has already been updated on Steam. This happened only before the release of the last DLC, called Cunning Stunts, almost two months ago. However, it is uncertain what the new content will bring to gamers, but some recent reports showed that it is possible we will get an expansion with a Biker theme.

It seems that initially the team was planning to release the new production on September 20, but now nobody is that sure that we will get to see the production that soon. Rockstar Games has promised more content for GTA 5 Online Update for the rest of this year, and many people think that it’s going to be a Biker expansion pack.

Some internal information has been discovered and it shows that the team is currently working on some freemode events (Biker-themed, of course) for the upcoming launch. Apparently it is also related to CEO or VIP tie-in.

Rockstar have not revealed their plans yet, so we cannot know for sure whether the upcoming release is indeed a Biker-themed content or not, even though this is what everybody suspects. However, until the company finishes off the new DLC, it seems that they are busy with the weekly deals the have for fans in GTA Online.

This week, for instance, you can enjoy new bonuses and discounts, such as Double RP & GTA $ for Parachute Jobs and Drop Zone Adversary Mode.