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WhatsApp still remains to be a popular instant messenger app for mobile users. This messaging platform has more than a billion users worldwide and phones, Android and iPhones are compatible with this app and available for download. And with the equal popularity of Samsung mobile and tablet devices, WhatsApp downloads do not come as a surprise.

How to download WhatsApp messenger for Samsung

There are also different pointers to consider for a WhatsAp download on a Samsung phone or tablet. Since there are a number of operation system versions for Samsung devices, downloading the app can also vary. Moreover, since Samsung devices mostly are in the Android platform, this process is relatively easy. In most scenarios, installing and enjoying WhatsApp messenger is as easy as 1-2-3. First is simply to go the Google Play Store and type in the name of the app. In this case, just type “WhatsApp Messenger” in the search tab. The tricky and somewhat confusing part, though, is that a number of apps related to WhatsApp will appear on the results page. What’s the most logical thing to do?

The best way to go is to select the first one on the list. It will be easy to recognize the green icon and the white phone in the middle. Moreover, the right WhatsApp app is not an emoticon or has the word “wallpapers” or “guide” following the term “WhatsApp.

For Android phones like Samsung, downloading the messenger app requires an Android version of 2.1 and above.

There are also different versions available since new phones come every after a few months and around 15MB of RAM to accommodate the file size. Of course, more memory storage should be available for more room for videos and images.

Meanwhile a downloadable WhatsApp 2.16.271 version is available for Android phones with new stickers. In the next months to come, mobile users can still expect more developments and upgrades.