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Supercell is a very popular Android game developer and it’s pressured by the Clash of Clans fans, who are asking all the time for new updates that bring new features. It seems that the company is listening to them, as it just brought a new tournament mode and new Chests. We’ll tell you about the rest of additions from the latest update below.

So, there are two new Challenges modes, and the new Legendary Chest and Epic Chest, but the company will also release four new cads every two weeks. The first one is Mega Minion, which is rare and can be found in Royal Arena (Arena 7). As for the tournament modes, they have a top prize that can be unlocked if you win 12 times, but if you lose three times, you lose the game. In order to enter the Classic Challenge, you will need 10 Gems, but you will fight for the top prize that consists of 2,000 Gold and you could also get 100 cards. In order to enter the Grand Challenge, you’ll need 100 Gems, but the prize is also bigger: 22,000 Gold and 1,100 cards. The current tournament modes have been revamped and the changes will be noticed when you will start the game and navigate through the menus.

When it comes to the Legendary Chest, it contains a Legendary Card from any arena than can be obtained in battles, while the Epic Chest contains only Epic Card, and it appears in the shop, but it’s also won from battle. There is also a new feature called “Rethinking Emotes”, which allows you to mute your rivals in battle, so they won’t distract you. You will also compete in friendly battles and unlock achievements in Tournament Challenges. If you’re not in the mood to play, then you’ll be a spectator and spectate your friends’ battles, and you will notice that the Friends List has been moved to the new Social tab.

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