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The PlayStation 4 Pro is almost here and is due for release very soon but Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio is scheduled for a Holiday 2017 release which means the console is over one year away still; most details about the upcoming Xbox Scorpio are still unknown. Microsoft has slowly been releasing new information about their console and the recent PS4 Pro reveal is causing Microsoft to release more details.

It’s already been confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio is a much more powerful console and all first party games will run at native 4K resolution; Sony had confirmed that the games for the PS4 Pro will be upscaled to 4K resolution instead.

It would seem like the Xbox Scorpio is entirely dedicated to 4K resolution as it will also include an Ultra 4K Blu-ray drive to allow users to watch their blu-rays through the console. Sony has opted to not include this in their new PlayStation console despite being the ones to originally introduce this feature to consoles.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is dedicated to the PlayStation VR headset which will work exclusively with it, meanwhile the Xbox Scorpio will work with a range of third-party VR headsets including the HTC Vive which has partnered with Valve.

It’s still too soon to compare the console properly but it certainly looks like the Xbox Scorpio is winning in most areas right now.